People often have many questions about liquidating an estate. For many, this is a once-in-a-lifetime job for which they have no experience. Here are answers to the most common questions we are asked.

I am the executor of my dad’s estate and need to empty and sell his home. Where do I begin?

Before you do anything at all at a property, talk to Bill and set up a complimentary consultation. This meeting will help you avoid making costly mistakes (for instance, many people just throw things away that could be sold). It will also save you a lot of work. (What if your dad’s house is packed like those pictured below? Have you got time or patience to sort all that out?) Once you have removed your dad’s personal paperwork and mementos you’d like to keep, your job is done if you choose Encore to quickly and profitably liquidate the contents.

I’m moving to assisted living. Should I put my house on the market before I have an Estate Sale?

In our experience an empty house sells better than a full one. Buyers are able to better visualize their own furnishings in your house rather than be distracted by your decorating taste, personal items and attendant clutter. Everything looks bigger and more open in an empty home. So you should have the Estate Sale first, then call in the realtor.

Sometimes, the Estate Sale leads directly to finding a buyer for the house. We’ve had many instances where customers to our sales end up asking about and buying the house.

I’m a little embarrassed about my deceased dad’s home. Should I clear out the clutter before I call you in?

Please don’t. Don’t be embarrassed and don’t clear the clutter. People often think they need to toss out the clothes, broken or out-of-date items, non-perishable food, old magazines … whatever. That’s like throwing away money, as many of these items do sell. What’s truly trash can be disposed of at the end of a sale. And don’t worry … we’ve had sales in hundreds of homes over the years and your dad’s house sounds like the rule, rather than the exception.

What type of liquidation sales does Encore Events handle?

The majority of our sales take place in houses, condos and apartments in residential neighborhoods. However, occasionally, we get to shake things up a bit by having a sale in a warehouse, a storage facility or a retail shop going out of business. We’ve done several house demolition sales where literally everything including the kitchen sink goes.So the answer is: we can handle every type of personal property liquidation.

Why should I hire a professional estate sale company such as Encore Events? Couldn’t I just do it myself?

Aside from having an occasional “garage sale,” most people have no idea what’s involved in liquidating the contents of an entire house. The sheer volume of items in a typical home is daunting and requires time and effort to properly stage to maximize profit. Then comes the task of accurately appraising and pricing each item. And without aggressive marketing and advertising, you may be disappointed with the turnout for your do-it-yourself sale.

Your objective is to turn the contents of the property into money in your pocket. Encore Events has been conducting all types of Estate Sales in the Tampa Bay area since 1991 and knows how to meet that objective. Owner Bill Murphy is a professional appraiser, specializing in art, jewelry, furniture, rugs and silver. He has a knowledgeable, experienced staff and has built a reliable network of specialists in many other areas of expertise. He knows the price points at which things will sell. He is familiar with local ordinances, permitting requirements, and crowd control. Our internet marketing and advertising are second to none in this area. The Encore staff personifies Bill’s attention to detail, integrity and professionalism.

How can I avoid being overwhelmed?

Where’s Marie Kondo when you need her? This closet was literally bulging!

Relocating, downsizing or settling an estate in Pinellas County, Florida can be
completely STRESS-FREE and CARE-FREE when Encore Events has your back.

Over the years, there hasn’t been any situation related to liquidating estates that we haven’t encountered. We’ve also seen plenty of the mistakes people make during such a stressful time. Our goal is to help you avoid these common mistakes. And the best way is to consult with us early in the process. Not only can we conduct an estate sale to liquidate personal property, but we also can connect you to trusted professionals whose help you may need. Especially for those trying to settle an estate from miles away, we can confidently recommend local lawyers, realtors, moving companies, real estate property appraisers, house cleaners and more.  

You can depend on Encore Events to pay attention to all of the details. We deal with situations like this nearly every day. Giving you the benefit of our vast experience and spotless reputation is what we do best. Valuable Hint: Consult with us at 727-709-3071 before doing anything else. It’s a smart way to avoid costly mistakes and wasted time.

It’s a fact … some people just never throw anything away! It’s totally amazing how much can be stashed in closets and cupboards. Here are examples of what we have encountered on the day we start setting up a sale. Not a task for the feint-hearted, it really takes experience like ours to handle these daunting scenarios.