About Encore Estate Sales

There’s a huge difference between a DIY garage sale and a professional estate sale, especially when it comes to major life transitions such as downsizing, divorce or death. Having to liquidate the contents of a deceased loved one’s estate is especially stressful and emotionally exhausting. Imagine being able to just pack your bags and move on without having to deal with any of the never-ending details that these life transitions create. This is what you can expect from a professionally-conducted estate sale: less work, less stress and more profit.  

Encore Events has 30 years of local experience in handling all the aspects of major life transitions. We’ve built a solid reputation on our professionalism, our respect for our clients’ property, and good old fashion honesty.

It’s easy to find out if an Encore Estate Sale is right for you. You call. We meet at the property. You show us around. We explain all our services. We advise you how to avoid costly mistakes and wasted time. When you’re ready, you hand over the key, breathe a sigh of relief and move on. That’s when our work begins. Our team spends a minimum of a week organizing, staging, and pricing  the property’s contents, followed by an aggressively advertised 2-3 day sale. 

Staff member Wanda arranges the jewelry

Steps to take…

  • Call Encore Events at 727-709-3071 for a FREE consultation. You’ll get good advice and avoid costly mistakes. Visit our FAQ page for answers to questions you may already have.
  • Plan ahead. Our schedule is often filled a month or more in advance so schedule as early as possible.
  • Do not throw anything away. That includes clothing, non-perishable foods, “junk” you find in the garage, etc. You know what they say about “one person’s trash is another person’s treasure”.
  • Do not “help” us by emptying the cabinets or closets. Remove what you want to retain and leave what will be sold exactly where it is.
  • Do not have utilities turned off. We need water and electricity during the sale. If you have TVs for sale, leave the cable on.
  • Before signing our contract, read it carefully and ask all the questions you want. Our fee is a percentage of the gross sale: there are no out-of-pocket expenses to you.

Buyers come from far and wide in search of rare artifacts, funky decor and other treasures at Estate Sales in the homes of the rich and famous in the Tampa Bay area. This sale in a Clearwater mansion drew buyers from Miami, Atlanta and beyond

Why Encore Events estate sales are so SUCCESSFUL

Bill Murphy is extremely fastidious about his sales. Every sale is conducted with his full personal attention to the smallest details. Experienced buyers in the area know that Encore Events estate sales are a cut above the competition, both in presentation and in professionalism.

Every sale bearing the name Encore Events benefits from the following:

• Experienced appraising. Knowing the value of the contents to be sold is key to a successful (profitable) sale. As a certified appraiser, William Murphy has the knowledge and experience necessary to properly price estate contents, whether it’s the jewelry or the junk.
• Thoughtful Staging. Before a sale happens, many hours of behind-the-scenes work is done at a property to showcase the contents in its BEST light. Glassware is washed, trash is removed, and furniture is rearranged to make everything offered up for sale as appealing as can be.
• Aggressive Advertising. We use every available resource to advertise our Estate Sales, including daily and weekly publications, social media and via our personal email invites to our ever-increasing followers. We feature every sale on this website, complete with photos, directions and tantalizing details.

When you choose Encore Events, you get the benefit of our years of experience and our commitment to do business with integrity and professionalism. We’re full of good advice too. We have a wide network of trusted professionals we can refer you to for other aspects of your estate liquidating challenge. Just give us a call and ask what we can do for you. 

.No matter what your needs are — Encore Events is behind you all the way.

Getting Started…

Schedule a FREE consultation with Bill today — before you throw anything away! We’re here to save you time and effort with plenty of free advice!